Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Little About Me

I just thought I'd tell a little bit about me :) You already know my name is Lana as I have used it on most of my posts on here.

I was a divorced mom with two kids up until this year. I had been married to my high school sweetheart but after ten years and two kids, we divorced.

I dated off and on for the last ten years until I met my new husband in March of this year. We only dated a couple of months and then we married in May!

It was bit different from our first marriages (we both had been married just one time before) that were held in churches. We got married at a used car lot in the office. It was not a traditional wedding but it meant more to us than anything in the world!

I am so much happier now than I ever have been in my life. I know it is from meeting and marrying the man I was destined to be with.

We both feel like we have met our soulmates and we plan to be married forever. I think the fact both of us stayed single for 10 yrs after our divorces has taught us what we needed to know about ourselves and what we want out of life.

I worked at a school (the same one my kids attended) from August 2001 to May 2008. I then started working at a Wal-Mart. I am still there but only part time. I started selling Timeless Treasures again in my spare time a few months ago. I can work it around my schedule.

I started back to college last month. I had started back in 2001 and went until 2005 then quit going. I am ready to go now and finish getting my teaching degree. My husband supports me 100% and says he is proud of me for going back to school.

My wondeful and awesome husband, Pat, works for McKee, which if you don't know is the makers of Little Debbie Snack Cakes. He has been there for 12 yrs. He hopes once I get a teaching job, he can retire, plant a garden and take care of our home :)

My son, Keith, turned 20 in May. He works at a casino and is attending college by taking classes online. I am proud of him for wanting to get his degree.

My daughter, Holly, is 17 (will be 18 in October) and is a Junior in High school. She has decided she wants to attend cosmetology school. which I think would be a great career for her. She cut her own hair the other day and she did a wonderful job! I can't cut straight for nothing!!

Some of my hobbies are reading, writing (not that I've done much of that lately!), surfing the 'net, couponing (don't do as much refunding as I'd like),watching movies, collecting any and all kinds of frog items, love kitchen gadgets, collecting children's books, and I love to eat chocolate!!!

Well I hope this has helped you to get to know me better. I look forward to getting to know all of you :) I love adding new friends into my life.


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