Tuesday, September 7, 2010

7 Steps to Having A Successful Party

If you are hosting a Timeless Treasures home party, here are seven easy steps to having a successful show.

1. Personally Invite (either by phone or in person) your guest. *Use the "Who Do You Know" sheet.

2. Over-Invite! Invite people that you may run into at the grocery store, beauty salon, veterinarian's office, gas station, favorite restaurant or fast food place, etc. Ask your guest to bring a friend or friends along with them to the party.

3. Be Enthusiastic!

4. Send a copy of your "Guest List" along with your "Wish List" to me within 3-days so that I can send out reminder cards. This will also secure your party on my calendar!

5. Obtain outside orders as well as bookings before your party. Tell everyone about the FREE "shopping spree" that they can take advantage of from the catalog!

6. Make 'reminder calls' the night before your party to EVERYONR in order to guarantee the best attendance.

7. Keep your refreshments simple! Coffee, tea, water and cookies are ample.

8. HAVE FUN! This is a party - time for friends, relatives and new friends to relax and have a good time.

* Remember that you and I are partners! Call me with any questions or for any advice. I want you to enjoy the largest "shopping spree" that you have ever been on!

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