Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Theme Parties!!

Why have a theme party? Because they are fun and they add excitement to your home party!!! There are way too many different theme parties to list here so I'm just going to list a dozen.

Chocolate Lover's Party- Serve chocolate goodies. Have your guests bring their favorite chocolate goodie or recipe to share. (I will make a binder with all of the recipes and give it to every guest who attends the party).

Mom's on a Budget- All items demonstrated will be under $25.00. (This would be a great one to have now with the economy being the way it is!)

Margarita Party- Do you Love Margarita's, then this party is for you! Serve margarita's and perhaps give a margarita quiz for your guests to see who knows the most about margaritas!

Pajama Party- Have your guests bring their comfy pajamas and they can wear them during the party. Great way to relax with all of your friends after a busy day!

Wine and Cheese Party- Relax with your friends over some wine and cheese while enjoying your Timeless Treasures party!

Hawaiian Shirt Party- Some Hawaiian music, a lei or two and your favorite tropical drinks and you can have Hawaii right in your living room!

The Good Old Day's Party- Guests  come dressed up in  1950's, 1960's or 1970's party wear.

Halloween Costume Party- Have your guests come dressed up in a costume and hold a contest for best costume!

Banana Split Party- Have your guests bring their own banana. The hostess will provide the ice cream and toppings.

Pool Party- Have a party around your pool! If you don't have a big pool, get a small plastic play pool and fill with ice and drinks. Have your guests bring their bathing suits in a brown paper bag and we will try to guess who's is who's!

Flip Flop Party- Have guests bring their favorite pair of flip flops in a bag and we will try to decide who's is who's.

White Elephant Party- Your trash could be someone else's treasure. Bring a "wrapped" unwanted "treasure" from home. You will get someone else's "treasure" at the end of the evening!

  If you would like to host your own Timeless Treasures theme party, call me at 479-220-9209 or e-mail me at with Theme Party in the subject line. This would be a GREAT way of getting FREE gifts!!!

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