Friday, July 22, 2011

What Color Are You?

Using your birthdate, add up the digits one-by-one and repeat until you have a one-digit number. Then find “YOUR”: color by the numbers below! For example: If your birthdate were August 13, 1966, you would add 8+1+3+1+9+6+6=34: then 3+4=7. No. 7 indicates that violet would be “your” color.
1.    RED- always willing to follow uncharted paths. Impulsive. Strength of purpose. Use determination to create harmonious relationships.
2.   ORANGE- Creative, intuitive, artistic, and outgoing. Orange people are often successful in the sales field and as executives.
3.   YELLOW- Idealistic, a bit of a perfectionist, has flair with words. Uses persistence and common sense to bring your dreams to fulfillment.
4.   GREEN- Compassionate and reliable. Tolerant of the short comings of others. A strong ability to communicate.
5.   BLUE- Sweet, deep-thinking, self-reliant, with a highly developed sense of responsibility. Can be demanding.
6.   INDIGO- Reserved, deep, and introspective with noble aspiration. Has high standards.
7.   VIOLET- Mysterious and highly creative with quick perception of spiritual ideas. A fascinating friend and companion.
8.   PINK- competent and energetic, sets high goals. Friendly manner, sometimes hides inner feelings.
9.   ALL COLORS- dependable and down-to-earth with an endearing sense of humor. Loves simplicity, quality and harmony.
Color influences your life in endless, amazing ways, probably far more than you realize. Color adds excitement, gaiety, spontaneity, life. Color can be a retreat: It brings quietness, serenity, peace. The study of color is fascinating and deeply satisfying. Of course, our preference for colors will change with our moods and so these ideas on color are mostly for fun-but it’s a way to start your thoughts about how important the use of color is in your home.
Just for fun, I thought I would add up my numbers to see what “my” color would be and it was violet, just like the example above. My birthdate is August 8, 1971. 8+0+8+1+9+7+1=34. 3+4=7. So my color is violet!
Why don’t you check it out and post what your color is and if you agree or disagree with what it says “your” color means in a comment. You don’t have to put your birthdate in the comment! J

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